All In One Favicon Plugin Review

What is a favicon for web browsersWebAssertive reviews the All In One Favicon plugin for WordPress. We’ll review the plugin and show you how to easily add favicons to your WordPress site.

Looking for a quick and simple way to add a favicon to your website? we’ve found “All In One Favicon” by techotronic, a light and simple plugin, to be a fantastic option for managing your sites favicons.

If you’re asking what is a favicon? it’s a small graphic used for branding your website across search engines. Favicons appear in the bookmarks or favorites section of your web browser, the address bar of your web browser and the page tab of your web browser. If you would like to learn more about favicons you’ll find plenty of information here.

What is the All In One Favicon plugin? it’s a simple to use wordpress plugin that allows you to upload images to be used as your favicon throughout the world wide web. The plugin supports all three types of favicons – .ico, .png and .gif.

The plugin was created by techotronic and currently has a 5 star rating on The light weight and easy to use plugin has been downloaded by 606,275 users as of July 7th, 2014. The plugin has been rated 5 stars by 109 out of 128 WordPress users making it a popular choice for favicons. The plugin is still being supported and updated to comply with any WordPress updates.



An image showing the download of All In One Favicon

To install the All In One Favicon plugin you can download the zip file from or you can simply upload the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard. The easiest and most convenient method would be to use your WordPress dashboard.

Step #1 – Simply go to your plugins section of WordPress, select “add new” and search for “All In One Favicon”.

Step #2 – Click on the first result (should be All In One Favicon by techotronic) and click “Install Now”.

Step #3 – Once the plugin has been successfully uploaded to your back-end, click “Activate Plugin”.

Yep! it’s that easy!!!



An image showing the All In One Favicon Settings

This plugin is easy! super easy! Navigate to the “settings” section of your dashboard and select “All In One Favicon”. Now all you need to do is click “upload” next to the desired format you want to use, then simply save the changes. Should you want to remove or delete an uploaded favicon, simply click the box and save changes.

The recommended pixel size for favicons is 16×16 or 32×32. An .ICO file is the most consistent and reliable format to use. An easy way to convert images to an ICO file is to use



If you’re looking for an easy way to add favicons to your website without needing to know any code, All In One Favicon is the easiest and most reliable plugin we’ve found. Consistently branding your website throughout the web is marketing 1o1. A unique and attractive favicon is another way to add credibility and attractiveness to your brand and website.

Thank you for reading our review on the All In One Favicon plugin. We look forward to reading your comments below and please remember to share!


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