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Web-Analytics-&-Tracking-Internet-Marketing-ServicesWeb Analytics & Tracking Services by WebAssertive will maximize the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns. Get more from your website today.

Web Anayltics is at the core of our internet marketing and search engine optimization campaigns. Whether you currently have analytic tools installed on your website or need us to implement tracking services for you, WebAssertive has the expertise to properly analyze your data and maximize your sites productivity.

Web Analytics helps us to answer a few basic questions like; how many site visitors do you have per day? where are they searching from? how are they finding your website? what pages are they visiting the most? how long are they staying on those pages? do they find your website and leave? or do they browse through multiple web pages?

Analytics will also answer more advanced questions such as; what is the ratio between site visitors to sales? what is the conversion funnel being used to complete the sales process and more in-depth demographics and interest data that can be used to enhance your marketing strategies.

Using a web analytics service such as Google Analytics will help us to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of  our search engine optimization campaigns, per-per-click marketing, social media strategies and even bulk email campaigns.


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Web Analytics & Tracking using Google Analytics Explained

Watch this quick video for an easy to understand look into the Google Analytics tool and the overall concept behind Web Analytics & Tracking. At WebAssertive, we’ll analyze the data retrieved from the Google Analytics software to create actionable solutions to increase your site traffic, conversions, leads and sales.


To learn more about our Web Analytics & Tracking Services visit our pricing page or submit your website below for a free site analysis, discover how WebAssertive can best serve you.



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Not only do we offer detailed Web Analytics & Tracking Services; but we’re also a resource for continued online education and information. We empower our site visitors to be self-efficient through education, tutorials and industry related news. Visit our Internet Marketing Learning Center and our WordPress Information Hub to become educated on the tools necessary to compete in today’s online marketing world.


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