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Social-Media-Marketing-SMM-ServicesViral Social Media Marketing by WebAssertive, a Baltimore, Maryland based web marketing company. Let us help you spread the word through social strategies.

Consistently contributing content, information and being socially active on social media platforms has long reaching benefits. It’s long been said that word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to transmit reputable information. However, in today’s world of technology with status updates, shares, likes, plus ones, tweets, pins, blog posts, forum posts, check-ins and reviews, social media is the new medium in which people share reputable information between friends and family. We all know referrals are like GOLD!

This increasing way of socially interacting makes social media a necessity for any online marketing campaign. Having a social presence on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and other popular social platforms allows you to spread information quickly and virally to a large audience.


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A Customer Gained through Social Media is a Referral

A marketing message spreads from person to person and resonates because it comes from a well-known, third-party source, as opposed to an advertisement stemming from the company itself. Hence, social media marketing is driven by “digital word-of-mouth” resulting in earned site traffic rather than paid site traffic. This is how you obtain more site traffic, conversions, leads and sales through social media marketing.


Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC & Nationwide Social Media Management

We love running social marketing campaigns for Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC and Nationwide clients. One of the most rewarding accomplishments is watching your social message rapidly spread through the digital world. We get a kick out of every like, share, tweet and pin your message receives.

However, effective social media campaigns take careful planning and execution. Not every industry can be approached with the same strategy. It takes creativity, commitment and consistency to truly build an effective long-lasting social media presence.

That’s why it’s important to consult with a company like WebAssertive about creative approaches to your social marketing campaigns. We have the expertise and experience to understand your industry and how to best approach your social strategy.


Social media is the new medium in which people share reputable information between friends and family. We all know referrals are like GOLD!


Our SEO Services include but are not limited to:

On Site Access- Working social media interaction into your website through social icons, badges and links. Also developing creative content and media to encourage social activity and sharing.

Facebook- Creation of your Facebook page and optimized profile. As well as developing creative strategies to attract friends, likes, leads & sales through continual status updates and new content postings.

Google Plus- Creation of your Google Plus page and optimized profile. Creative strategies to grow Google circles and plus ones. Creating a social atmosphere that encourages interaction to produce leads & sales.

Twitter- Creation of your Twitter page and optimized profile. As well as developing creative strategies to attract followers and Twitter shares. Effective short links and landing pages to convert leads & sales.

Linkedin- Creation of your Linkedin page and optimized profile. As well as creative status updates, group interactions and advertisements to create more site traffic, leads & sales.

Industry Related Sites & Forums- A great place to be socially active is on other industry related sites and forums. We’ll create an active presence on third party sites to increase site traffic, links and social awareness to your own website.

RSS Feeds- Creation of RSS Feed to easily share your blog posts and content to third party readers. This enables your content to be delivered to people of interest even when they’re not on your site.

Social Advertising- Creating and implementing effective advertisement campaigns for Facbook, Twitter, Yelp, MerchantCircle and other industry related social media platforms.

Site Comments- Interactive comment sections on blog posts and pages to encourage visitor interaction and social connectivity to your content.

Culture Change- implementing social media habits and strategies into your company culture to rapidly improve social media presence, interaction and viral spread.

Other Social Services- Not all social platforms will be equally effective for each company. We’ll determine which social avenues would be the most successful and attack those as needed. Those additional social platforms could be Pinterest, Myspace, Friendster, Foursquare, Tumblr, Reddit or StumbleUpon.


To learn more about our SMM pricing and professional Social Media Marketing, visit our pricing page to request a free site analysis or submit your website below.



Social Media Marketing How to, Education & Information

We not only offer great Social Marketing Campaigns, we also empower our site visitors to be self-efficient through education, tutorials and industry related news. Visit our Internet Marketing Learning Center and our WordPress Information Hub to become educated on the tools necessary to compete in today’s online marketing world.


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