Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click-Management-Internet-Marketing-PPC-ServicesTargeted Pay Per Click (PPC) Management services for local Baltimore, MD, DC and Nationwide clients. Drive online leads & sales with WebAssertive today!

We develop highly efficient, targeted and cost effective PPC campaigns that drive high-quality, conversion rich traffic to your landing pages.

A key component to creating successful paid SEM (paid search engine marketing) campaigns is properly investing your marketing budget into the most effective online paid search avenues. We take an analytical approach to developing lucrative Google Adword Ads, Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads, Banner Ads, Facebook Ads, Affiliate marketing strategies and other paid search methods to generate high-quality search traffic which converts into customers.


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Cost effective Pay-Per-Click Marketing Strategies

PPC campaigns can reward your web marketing efforts with quick and handsome returns on investment, but only if your campaigns are run efficiently, effectively and responsibly. If not, your marketing budget can be depleted quickly and without results.

Many other pay-per-click marketing companies start off their campaigns bidding on a broad set of keywords, filtering out the non-performing keywords as they go. This could be a very costly method as your potentially wasting thousands of dollars filtering out untargeted keywords that attract clicks from an unwanted audience.

A Smarter Way to Approach Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

At WebAssertive, we start with a more cost effective approach using a select number of keywords. We only want to attract clicks from a targeted audience who stand a high percentage of converting into customers. We then build upon this strong foundation through intensive keyword research, market research, search query analysis and bid optimization. This highly effective and efficient approach ensures that each dollar invested is benefiting from a maximum return on investment.


We start with a more cost effective approach using a select number of keywords. We only want to attract clicks from a targeted audience.


Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC & Nationwide PPC Services

Helping both local Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC and Nationwide clients reach their targeted online audience, WebAssertive is quickly becoming one of the industries recognizable solutions. We use trend setting strategies and maintain a productive and result oriented methodology.


Our PPC Services include but are not limited to:

Account Creation- setting up accounts with Google, Bing, etc. to run paid search campaigns.

Keyword Targeting- researching and analyzing profitable keywords that attract high conversion traffic.

Text, Image, Video, & Mobile Ads- creating effective advertisements to generate high quality clicks.

Landing Page Creation- designing high conversion rate landing pages and websites to convert clicks into customers.

Bid Optimization- managing bid prices for optimal ROI using network, device, location, frequency, demographic, scheduling and other strategies.

Quality Score Optimization- maximizing ROI and ad placement by optimizing ad copy, landing pages, websites, etc. for high quality scores.

Conversion Rate Optimization- improving click through rate and customer acquisition through effective lead capturing techniques.

A/B Testing- ensuring the most effective elements and strategies are being used for maximum ROI

Remarketing Campaigns- recapturing missed opportunities through advanced ad placement techniques.

Analytics- constant monitoring and improvement upon every aspect of the campaign through reports and analytical data.


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Pay-Per-Click How to, Education & Information

We’re not just a Pay Per Click Company, we  invite you to read through our web pages to learn more about our other services. We also empower our site visitors to be self-efficient through education, tutorials and industry related news. Visit our Internet Marketing Learning Center and our WordPress information Hub to become educated on the tools necessary to compete in today’s online marketing world.


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