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Email-Marketing-ServicesEmail Marketing Services by WebAssertive can help you tap into the largest online marketing source available. Get started with effective email marketing.

Email Marketing Campaigns are an inexpensive and highly effective marketing strategy used to keep your brand in the front of your customers mind. Think about it, everyone has an email account! and not only do they receive email, but they are notified instantly by phone when new email arrives… Cha-Ching!

Did you know that if you were to add the number of Twitter and Facebook users together, that number would amount to only a third of the email accounts used in the world? That’s a lot of exposure to your brand and message, agreed?

At WebAssertive, a Baltimore, MD based company providing email marketing services to local Maryland & Washington DC clients, we help to create stylish and effective emails to maximize your reach through mass email marketing campaigns.


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Local Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC & Nationwide Email Marketing Campaigns

Creating, managing, and cultivating an effective email marketing strategy is more than just collecting and blasting emails. We use tried and tested strategies to create email messages that aren’t just sent… but are opened!

An email campaign has a lot of obstacles to overcome before being successful. Will your hard work end up in the spam folder? will your IP Address be flagged for spam? will your emails be opened? will your images be opened? will your customers complete the desired result? At WebAssertive we create campaigns that follow spam guidelines, are frequently opened, deliver a strong message and complete your desired result.


We use tried and tested strategies to create email messages that aren’t just sent to your contacts… but are opened by your contacts!


Our email marketing services include but are not limited to:

Contact List Management – We’ll set you up with a service such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to help build, manage and solicit your always growing contact list. If you already use a service, we’ll implement strategies and tweaks to make what you have more successful.

Email Capture Techniques – We create strategies to constantly collect and grow your email contact list. We’ll implement subscription forms on your website and generate emails from site visitors who “opt-in” and want to receive your email correspondence.

Email Templates – We’ll build emails for your campaigns that are opened, read and responded to. Emails need to deliver your message quickly and effectively. You’ll need the right mix of content, images and calls-to-action to accomplish your desired end result.

Content Creation – We’ll help create content for your emails that develop return readership. We aren’t looking for just one email to be effective, we want readers to engage in future emails as well. We’ll provide value and encouragement for a continued interactive relationship with your readers.

Email Reporting – Find out how effective your email campaigns are through in-depth reporting. You’ll know how many emails were delivered, how many were opened and how many were successfully responded to. Analytics is an important process in understanding how to effectively tweak your campaigns for better results.


To Get started with Email Marketing Services and to learn more about our pricing and professional Email Campaigns, visit our pricing page and tell us about your goals or submit your website below.



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